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Three Planets: After Spiral Arm

July 8, 4876, the International Peace Organization held a meeting on the asteroid Felix XXI. A small terrorist group, mostly made up of Tesselians and Jyoyahk snuck inside and destroyed the anticoncussion force field surrounding the base. Not only was the main power and control rooms destroyed, but it allowed the asteroid Sessen IV to collide with Felix XXI and destroy them both. Without the heads of the IPO to restrain them, the angered humans turned against the Tesselian/Jyoyahk alliance and the galactic war began.

July 8, 4878, two years after the original incident that started the war, the planet Earth was in chaos. Small terrorist groups, having gotten funding from the Tesselians, had turned every single territory into a war zone. Armed robots marched across the landscape, while no sane human ventured out into the deserted streets. The entire planet Jyoiyak had been destroyed and turned into an asteroid belt by the traitorous Tesselians, and the entire Khhomrena population was wiped out by a new Tesselian weapon that started a chain reaction that ripped the entire surface of a planet to bits by geothermal activity. Luckily, the weapon had been destroyed when it was first used, and due to the long war the Tesselains no longer had the resources to make another.

November 17, 4904, the final space battle happened. The battle for the Chwaka system had been going on since human scouts had discovered a small scale Tesselian mining operation in the asteroid field. In the momentous VIII Battle of Chwaka, every single human ship with hyperdrive and almost all of the few Khhomrena space forces invaded the system. Unfortunately, the Tesselians had set up some hyperspace sensors within the next few sectors. The Tesselian's last super command fortress arrived right after the attackers did.

A scatter of asteroids flew by the battling fleet, after both the base and the super fortress' shields were low. The smaller ships fighting managed to avoid most of them, but they were the last straw. Within eight seconds of each other, the super shields overloaded, creating a huge shockwave that destroyed every craft in the system. There was no one left.

The only ships with hyperdrives were small one man fighters. There wasn't enough of the right crystals to make another mining ship that would allow them to find any more of the right crystals. To put it mildly, humankind, as well as the few remnamts of Khomre, Tesselian and Jyoyahk were pretty well confined to their star systems for the time being.

There were three planets left habitable. Earth, Tessel, and the Planet of the Gargoyles. Earth had only a very small amount of Khomre on it, and almost all humans. Tessel had some human, Khomre and Jyoyahk slaves, but was mostly Tesselians. And the Planet of the Gargoyles had mostly humans and gargoyles, with some Khomre, Dark Gargoyles and Trolls.

Soon Tessel lost most of it's technology. But not before they performed odd experiments on the remaining humans, creating superhuman breeds, and many with odd and uncanny abilities. But they were still slaves.

A rash of a strange viral disease, as well as high radiation from the alien sun altered many human's genes on the Planet of the Gargoyles. Soon many forms of humans stretched out across the green land. The tall thin, but strong Wood Elves lived in the forests, along with the Gargoyles. Dwarves became adept at mining and fighting, and were valued for their many talents. Some of the less physical members quickly evolved into the small pickpocketing Kinders, and the smarter ones became the tall thin Elves, who learned how to use the magic of the Dark Gargoyles for good purposes.

On Earth, the technology remained. We had properly tapped every last energy resource, enough to keep our society going perminantly. Over thousands of year, technology evolved to the point of genetically engineering superfast and superstrong humans. Humans could now go in and request certain changes in their physique. Cyborgs and biological warriors roamed the Earth, looking for mercenary work, or being hired as an army member to a city/state.

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