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Bugs in the Muck: A documentary of strange life and habits of certain insects on A Bug's Muck

Bugs on the Muck

      Of the many bugs observed on this muck, at any given time most of them are 'sleeping', or disconnected from the muck. But when groups of them get together, the results can be interesting.
      Especially when these groups are in the state they call OOC, or Out of Characther.
      I have observed the one who seems to have the most power while out of character, ant named Willow, on several occasions. The secret to her power is something she calls 'MPI code'. It is a secret way of twisting the muck to do her bidding. Using her dark code, she has created several objects of astounding power.
      The first is her 'Shifting Chamber'. It is a room which can be changed at any given moment to look like something else. The last time I saw it, it was a swimming pool. The sign read: Welcome to the ool. Notice there is no P in it. Please keep it that way.
      The next, and in my humble opinion, more powerful object, is her 'Remote of Control'. This remote allows her to mute and unmute any other character on the muck. It also allows her to char them to a crisp at any given moment.
      And, interestingly enough, it allows her to 'change the channel' on any character, and turn them into something else. I have seen bugs being turned into everything from stormtroopers and ewoks, to clones of other insects, and even into inanimate objects. One clone on the muck, Mini-Locus, was turned into a yoyo, and used repeatedly until the poor little evil grasshopper almost gave into motion sickness.

      Our next enigma is the creature known to some as 'estrogen-wad', but to most as Tilly. She is a young ant, and could probably have her pick of any of the other boy ants her age. But instead, she chooses to fixate on... of all things, a human.
      We all hope and pray that she never meets this 'Dave Foley' in person... if she does, I'm sure Dave will need a surgeon to remove this insect, as it is obvious that she would cling onto him and NEVER let go.

      Next, we come to a very strange individual. Inhabiting this muck is a large sky-blue grasshopper named Locus. Although he is often accused of simply misspelling the name Locust, this IS his true name.
      His bright blue coloration appears to be the work of some kind of chemical accident. He refuses to say much about it, but this researcher has found that it involved weak hallucinagenic pesticides and blue housepaint.
      This chemical accident also appears to have done more than simply change his coloration. Instead of turning into a bitter, scarred individual, as most would do if they found themselves a perminantly bright and annoying color for the rest of their natural lives, he has gone completely insane. His personality disorders vary from moment to moment. At times you can find him lucid, but often this is simply a trick of his acute insanity... he could have two personality disorders acting up at once, and simply cancelling each other out.
      He is one of the two on this muck who has fashioned a clone in his likeness... but 1/8th his size. Mini-Locus is also bright blue, and just as insane as the original. Unlike the original, Mini-Locus seems to be incapable of speech. He can communicate only in writing, gestures, and the one sound he can make, "Eeee."
      Be wary when approaching either of these bugs. They can be violent, and very unpredictable. And as a warning to any who would dare tresspass on this veritable zoo of insectia and arachnids: Mini-Locus seems to be continually teething, and he can and will chew on anything and anyone in sight.