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Logs from my time on A Bug's Muck

      During my travels on A Bug's Muck, I have kept logs of the interaction between the insects and creatures of this strange land. The only adventures I have seen firsthand are of those characters that I control, namely Locus the grasshopper, Drizzt the cricket, Loki the walking stick, Muin the ant, and Tirade the scorpion.
      So far the only logs I have available are those from the point of view of Tirade the scorpion.

Tirade's logs
Tirade and Daja part 1: Tirade the scorpion and Daja the spider meet for the first time in a half in character, half out of character log Tirade and Daja part 2: Tirade and Daja awake the next morning... very sore... only to pass out shortly afterwards. Tirade and Daja part 3: coming soon