Light jedi
     Myka Neeron- Corellian descent. Raised on Coruscant. Small, about 5ft 6. Very fast, carries two red/yellow lightsabers. (red core, yellow aura)Excellent at sense abilities and blocking stuff with his lightsabers. Was trained by Master Themarai
     Kem Bevlar- Has the ability to block out other's force powers to some extent. Good levitation and telekinesis. Has a silver/purple variable length lightsaber. Trained by Master Alya.
     Tirral Max- Big guy, but smart as well. Has a greenish yellow blade that can flare into a roiling plasma mass. Can't deflect lasers when it's like that, but can at least bend them away from him. Doesn't cut, but melts through things when in that form. Good leader when Kem isn't. Can absorb energy to some extent. Trained by Master Runtik.
     Jemma Creon- Correlian woman, can redirect energy that is far away from her. Likes to short circuit things a lot and is a good slicer, but due to the link a jedi forms with his lightsaber when he first charges it up, she can't mess with those. Carries a blue lightsaber. Excellent with deflecting lasers and lightsaber fights. Was trained by Master Runtik.
     Shiil Khal- Jedi apprentice, younger brother of dark jedi Chrel Khal. Doesn't know of his brother's fate, thinks he died. Almost turns to the dark side when he finds out. Only has a simple red saber, like all apprentices from his world are given before they become full jedi. Was trained by Master L'Khal.
Dark jedi
     Nimoness Halcar- Near human who was taught along with Kem Bevlar. Kem was always one step ahead of him, so he came to hate him eventually. In his rush to try and pass beyond what Kem knew, he turned to the dark side. Practices mind control and some sith powers. Uses a purple lightsaber.
     Teela Shreen- Woman who excels at destructive force powers. Choke grip, lightning, kinetic destruction, ect. Has a dark blue/violet lightsaber.
     En Hin- Partial cyborg, kind of like Vader, but he looks more like Terminator. Wears some light armor, custom made to accent his metal side. Uses a bright orange lightsaber, and has a superstrong metal staff/polearm he uses against non-jedi. It is magnetically treated to reflect blaster bolts.
     Chrel Khal- Catlike alien,(Trr'Galla) has a unique lightsaber. It is a wrist plate that has two green claws, and comes back to cover the top of the arm as well, so although the weapon has a shorter reach, he still has as much room to block. The blade actually curves a little bit. Brother of Shiil Khal, as well as a former student of Master L'Khal.
     Durron Men- Human with unique tastes. Controls a dreadnought of pirates. Lusts for more power, though. Has good mind alter skills, and good sense. Has one "powersaber" that looks and acts like a lightsaber, but instead of cutting, it electrocutes. It is bright blue. He also has a magnetically treated spear that can even block lightsabers, but has a two foot long red lightsaber tip. Wears black armor and has long braided purple-black hair. Can deflect lasers with his hands.
     Defel- Known only by that name, or "The Wraith". Jedi assassin and professional mayhem maker. Can actually physically turn partially invisible, as well as cloud minds to make them not notice anything he does. Has a bright purple lightsaber, as well as any gun he can get ahold of. Also can fly with the force.
     Narram Colchel- Jedi who wears loose black clothes, but has a yellow lightsaber concealed under each wrist. Can't stand any rivals or enemies, and 'exterminates' anyone who can foul his plans for domination.
Jedi Masters
     Master Alya- Kem and Nimoness' master. Was killed by En Hin and Defel.
     Master Ilik Nevvar- ancient master who made a holocron that doesn't hide things from unready pupils. Holocron holds many dark side secrets, including many sith techniques. Taught only one student. Durron Men. The holocron belongs to Nimoness.
     Master Runtik'onada'Ulresh- (Master Runtik) Jemma and Tirral's master. Humanoid, but four arms. Still has two blue sabers, although he rarely uses them.
     Master Themarai- Myka's master. (Pronounced tem-ur-ie) Lafrarian, over a hundred years old. Good at training the brash. (Which is why he took Myka in.)
     Master L'Khal- Part of the Khal clan, like his relative Chrel Khal. The L' honorific is given only to master Trr'Galla jedi. Apprentices are given a red blade, no frills. Jedi make their own weapons, usually incredibly unique, like Chrel and Master L'Khal. The Khal clan's color is green. Master L'Khal's is a curved lightsaber blade, and an extra part comes down for a hand guard.

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