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Tirade: Three Planets

I am Tirade, the alter ego of mild-mannered innocent teenager Hugh Sullivan. (Innocent teenager? That's about as much of an oxymoron as Microsoft Works!)This is my first page, so if it sucks, don't blame me. It's society. They're to blame. Trust me. Really.

Okay, so this page might only suck a little. But it's my first, really. I made this when I was first learning HTML, and I haven't changed the actual code since then, just the content.

Enough excuses, here's the actual page itself.

I am an author. I write mostly sci-fi/fantasy books. I also have some comic book style stuff going right now. The whole series I have is called "Three Planets". I call it that because it ends up so that there are three planets left habitable in this arm of the galaxy. Makes sense? Good. I thought so.

Actually, I started out in eighth grade trying to make a few role playing games, since I couldn't afford, and didn't like the ones they already had out. There are six RPGs in my collection, only three of them I consider finished. Two of the others are at a point where they are playable, but I consider them still unfinished.

Well, I got bored with the RPGs, so I decided to start writing. I started in the medieval world I created, called DarkLore. That book is nowhere near completion, but another one in a futuristic Earth setting, the CyberTech world, is about halfway done. I now have the first chapter of Talon's Tale: CyberWarrior up on my site. You can find it in the CyberTech page.

Under the advice of the third voice in my head, I have decided to also post some of my poetry on my page, as well as the opening to a story I'm writing outside of the Three Planets universe.

Also, I have started a new series outside of my Three Planets universe, which I will add a link to here soon. I call it "Demonology". The entire premise is that solid matter is not the only thing that can support life. There are beings of pure energy that coexist on this world with us, and many are capable of joining with a human host to become more than just human, and more than just energy. There are many kinds of energy beings, but the most popular of the ones that can bond with humans are the ones called Ancients. No one knows where the first Ancients came from, but the older and more experienced an Ancient is, the more power it is able to weild. Unfortunately, Ancients can only draw power when in a human host, so an ancient unconnected with a host can do little more than communicate with sensitive minds. I have started writing a comic book script for one story, concerning the ancient known as Lazarus, and a novel entitled Into the Darkness about a mere human who finds himself immersed in this world of telepaths and beings of pure energy.

A while back I started an online comic strip, but I have not updated in quite some time. Lack of time, mixed with lack of a scanner. Stickman Limited Comics
Stickman Limited Comics

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My RPG and story settings.


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My newest endeavor, a webpage based on my online role-playing. Bugs on the Muck.

      Three Planets, Cybertech, Spiral Arm, Darklore, Hellfire, Lonely World and Land Without Time are all copyrighted to Hugh Sullivan. Do not use without permission.