Name: Unkown
Alias: Axle
Occupation: Kickboxer, superhero

Born into a middle class black family, Axle was a child of seven. He grew up in Chicago, and now lives in New York, where he often works with the superhero known as the Flame.

Axle has superenhanced strength, as well as the ability to fly. Unlike Peregrine, Axle can carry much weight when he flies. He is not superman, though. He is as vulnerable as any other human, so he depends on his martial arts training and natural agility to avoid getting hurt.

He and Flame became fast friends, often working together, while never officially a team.

When Axle was only a few years old, the government started the program to find superhumans. This is the same program that FBI Agent Ralph Knox joined to find the Five. That agency discovered his inherent abilities and took a blood sample.

Soon afterwards, most of their samples from prospective superhumans went missing. Someone had stolen them.

Years later, the villain known as Cobra appeared, with a clone of Axle at his command. It is not known how he found the clone, or if he was the one who stole the samples so many years ago.

Thankfully, Axle has never been accused of the crimes his clone has commited, since something went wrong in the cloning process, and his clone has no skin pigmentation. The difference between the flying black man and the flying black albino are fairly obvious.

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