Name: Karen Green
Alias: Falcon
Occupation: Superhero

The smallest and youngest member of the Five, Karen's power is telekinesis. While she cannot fly, using her powers she can jump forty or so feet in the air, and come to a safe landing from any height. She can knock guns from enemy hands, and even throw switches from a distance without the use of a clapper.

She was opposed to joining with Knox at first, but eventually gave in. Her original Falcon costume was red and black, with brown hair flying free. At the time she was only fourteen, so she didn't have the typical 'superhero body'. She was flat and her hips were not four times as wide as her waist. I think I deserve kudos for creating a nonsteriotypical character like that.

Of course, she eventually matured. While Whip Scorpion had her fair share of beauty, Falcon was always the cute one. Small, with big eyes and delicate features, she often went without a mask while fighting.

After Knox gave the Five new technology, she was given the strangest 'costume' of all. Whip Scorpion's symbiote could change shape around her somewhat, but Falcon's actually formed itself into something new and stayed that way. That way her symbiote could truly turn into clothes, not just look like them. In addition, Knox gave her the ability to mutate into a fearsome gargoyle-like creature. Her hands and feet would turn to claws, her skin would thicken and turn gray. Her back would have a place to put wings. But, since she could not simply grow wings, her symbiote would change from clothes to a one-piece light costume, and wings. Although the wings weren't big enough to truly fly, her telekinesis allowed her to control the way the air hit them, and push herself up if necessary.

In addition to her telekinesis, she often carries a pair of pistols, usually disruptors of some kind.

Ever since elementary school, she and Kevin(Peregrine) have liked each other, but not admitted it. As the two matured, they found themselves more and more attracted to each other. As soon as it was legal, the two married. In the second generation, they have two children.

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