Name: Unkown
Alias: The Flame
Occupation: Superhero

The Flame discovered his ability to levitate at a young age. Had he lived in the same area as the Five, he would have been the one to make them Six. But instead he grew up on a mansion in northern California. When his parents divorced, he spent most of his time with his mother, in New York.

There he became the Flame. Although he could not truly fly, he could make himself weightless for about thirty seconds, and he could twist and turn in midair in a way no gymnast could. His father owned a chemical weapons company, one that specialized in nonlethal, and sometimes lethal weapons.

Webshooters, flamethrowers, acid, immobilizing goo and more were at Flame's fingertips. The more he swung around the city, the stronger he got. And the stronger he got, the more effective crimefighter he was.

Unkown to him at first, he also has a sort of a sixth sense. He trusts his 'crimefighting instincts', though, and they serve him well.

His favorate comic book hero is, of course, Spiderman, the other webslinger. Flame often tries to crack jokes, even though he knows that he isn't funny. He'll also often enlist help to deal with a difficult enemy. His friend Axle is usually there for him, along with his cousin Valhalla, who can truly fly.

About a year after the Five get their new costumes and technology, Flame gives in to Knox, and allows Knox to create the blue Flame costume. Lighter than the original, since it doesn't have the heavy backpack, it allows Flame much more agility as well as a longer jump. Although skintight, it still has all of Flame's original armament. The webshooters have been improved, allowing them to replace his goo completely. The palms of his hands can shoot a blue plasma flame. And he can still spray acid, like he always did.

Eventually Flame falls in love with the mercinary Kat, and she quits her mercinary team. In the second generation, the two have a daughter, Red Flame.

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