They can be found on the internet. They live in a peculiar place. Its name: A Bug's Muck.

      In this 'muck' inhabit insects and arachnids of all shapes and sizes. Existing only in bits and bytes, in descriptions and posed actions, these creatures are by far the most interesting and strange things ever found on this new world we call the 'internet'.
      These creatures are very varied in size, shape, species and gender. On this 'muck', I have met male and female ants, grasshoppers, walking sticks, crickets, mites, ticks, fleas, spiders and even a pair of scorpions. Each of these creatures seems to between phases. When they are IC, or In Character, they act exactly as these bugs would act. They do what these bugs would do, and say what these bugs would say.
      But the strangest things happen when they are OOC, or Out of Character...
      While these bugs are out of character, the laws of nature and physics are thrown out the window. During such times, numerous bugs have been decapitated, then miraculously healed. Bugs have been changed into other animate and inanimate objects. It is inexplicable. There are even some puppets controlled by other bugs, puppets that only come out when they are 'OOC'... there are numerous clones. Two of the insects have 1/8th sized evil clones of themselves. One ant has a clone of Dave Foley, the actor who did the voice for Flik in the Disney movie 'A Bug's Life'. Several insects have puppets that are in reality dolls, mostly based on other characters from that popular Disney movie.
      All in all this has to be one of the strangest places to be found on the internet.
      But I must say... I was saddened when I left. I will miss them, these Bugs in the Muck...

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