This log was taken with half the character OOC, and Daja and Tirade were IOC, I believe... IOC is the phase halfway between being In Character and Out of Character. I have no description for the room that the everyone is in, as it is Willow's 'Shifting Chamber', which changes, and I did not take note of what the room was at the time.

Daja has arrived.

Daja, like all spiders, has eight little furry legs, four on each side. Each leg has a join at the middle, somewhat like a knee. Her abdomen and thorax are both a lovely shade of green, with flecks of amber in them, her eyes are startling amber color, somewhat like the color of tree sap. She has two small grabbers near her mouth that look like small siblings of her legs, but with more bending spots. And beneath the grabbers, are a good size set of fangs, which have venom, but she doesn't use them very often.

Willow waves!

Basil wavers!

Locus wavers!

Daja waifs!...keep ur mouth shut Basil.

Basil whas? O.o

Locus raises an eyeridge.

Daja sighs...remeber yesterday...?

Basil says, "Oh, I remember. ;)"


Willow says, "How could we forget? It was the night of rampaging evil spiders. c.c"

Daja grins...>:)

Locus says, "Rampaging spiders? Cool!"

Daja brandishes the almighty rubber chicken and whacks Basil across the head with it! *SQUEAK!*

Basil noooo, it wasn't. O.o

Basil brandishes the almighty rubber chicken and whacks Daja across the head with it! *SQUEAK!*

Daja lifts the lid of the box. A sudden "WOOSH!" is heard as Daja is sucked into the box in a swirling mist of blues!

Daja has left.

Willow says, "It was. O.o"

Willow says, "They massacred the stuff on my desk."

Daja emerges from a shimmering portal.

Daja has arrived.

Basil nods.

Daja acks.

Basil says, "You okay Daja? ;)"

Locus says, "Is anyone on this muck ever okay? :P"

Basil says, "Well, not you, that's for sure. ;)"

Daja thwaps Basil *WHACK!* "NO!"

Locus grimaces then grins as Basil gets whacked. :P

Basil is starting to wonder if this is getting personal. c.c

Daja clicks her fangs

Locus whispers to Basil, "Hey... I think she likes you."

Willow o.o

Basil says, "As what? o.o;;"

Daja thwaps Locus too *WHACK!*

Locus says, "Well, if you feel that way about me too..."

Daja chops Locus's head off with her fangs.

Tirade has arrived.

Daja eeps!

Basil O.O;;

Willow hides. c.c

Daja hisses...kinda

Tirade leaps into the room and lands in the dead center, his eyes and his tail waving about, always keeping an eye on someone in the room.

Basil ducks for cover!

Basil says, "Opal, get over here!"

Opal hides with Basil. o.o;;

Daja steps up in front of Tirade as in challenge, giving him a grin of sarcasim as she sways with the movements of his tail.

Willow hides behind the counter. o.o

Tirade sees Daja. "Well, we meet again.", he looks down at his knee where

Daja's sharp hairy spines left their mark during their last encounter.

Yet another Flik doll runs for it. O.O

Locus takes a step back, but is eager to watch a good fight...

Basil says, "Which should be a real trick with his head missing. ;)"

Tirade twitches his tail slowly.

Daja hisses a satisfied sigh...seeing she left her mark on the ugly (scary) scorpion.

Tirade turns slowly to face Daja, always keeping his eyes and tail pointed at her. "You got lucky. Trust me... I doubt it could happen again."

Opal whispers. "What is going on here! o.o;;"

Daja loves a challenge and is full up to one right about now, tearing up an ant's desk isn't exactly /fun/. She sways on her eight legs swaying with his movements, watching every lethal part of the dangerous bug..."I doubt you will come away without an itch or two, maybe not even coming out at all, bug."

Daja yays! Good pose!

Basil whispers "Some bugs can a little more adversarial than others."

Basil says, "I mean a bit more adversarial."

Locus feels around on the ground for his head.

Willow hmphs. Add insult to injury... tear up her desk and not even have fun doing it.

Daja grins. *rassberries Willow*


Tirade throws his head back and laughs, the first time his eyes have been pointed at anything besides the other bugs in the room. "An itch or two... maybe not even coming out at all. Well, you talk well. But so far all I've come out with is an 'itch or two', as you call it." Suddenly, his head swoops back down to her, and a low growl seems to come from deep in his throat. "Do your worst. An itch or two, perhaps?"

Willow espies Locus' head nearby, and ews. c.c She nudges it away with her foot. :P

Locus finds something and puts it on his shoulders, but it's just the rubber chicken, so he drops it and keeps looking.

Opal says, "Basil..... o.o;;"

Basil says, "Shhh. It' be okay. Just stay here."

Willow puts a head of cabbage in Locus' path. Perhaps he won't notice the difference. ;)

Basil giggles. ;)

Most likely not...

Daja looks intent on doing some damage to the hostile Scorpion. She arches her back a shoots out a sticky gooey mess off a wad of spider web, aimed right at Tirade's eyes. She then watches almost doubtless that it will hit it's mark, being faster than the tounge of a cameleon,

Tirade suddenly twitches... and pulls his tail back, looking at the sticky goo now covering it. "Well... you're fast. I'll give you that. But so's my tail." He grins, then scuttles to the side, starting a large circle around her, always facing her, but never holding still. "Come on. I'm sure you can do better."

Locus finds the head of cabbage, and puts it on his shoulders. "Ah... much better."

Willow snickers.

Opal mumbles "Looks like Willow was right." ;)

Locus starts preening his leavy head. "Sheesh... talk about bad antenae day..."

Daja makes no move at all, only watching him. Then seeing that the gocovered his tail, she smirks, for it is covering the stinger. She swiftly jumps onto his back. Grabbing his stinger in between her fangs she plants hundreds of itchy stinging hairs in his back and head and up his lethal tail.

Daja covered, that is.

Tirade screams a deep primal roar, and rolls backwards, flipping himself over and putting himself on top of her for a moment, and struggling to free his stinger. Even without the poisoned tip, it's still heavy enough to crush a smaller bug, and wound a larger one... finally he tears it free and knocks Daja upside the head, with enough impact to throw himself forwards and back on his feet, and send Daja skittering in the other direction. In pain, and angry, he turns back to face her.

Daja skidds across the floor, and lies still there for many minutes. Her head has been knocked quite hard and she got soem venom in her mouth from slicing across the venom sack above the stinger. She lies there her legs twisted at odd angles, she grimaces in pain.

Willow gets herself some popcorn.

Daja thwaps Willow....y'all liek this huh?

Willow says, "You're putting on a performance in front of a live audience. Shouldn't I? ;)"

Daja nods...yep.

Tirade smiles slowly as he sees Daja lying prone on the ground. Although in pain, he clicks his claws together and stalks towards her, more cautious than usual, trying to see if she's really that injured... or just playing dead.

Basil get out the junior mints and red vines. :9

Locus tries to look around with little success, due to the cabbage in the place of his regular head. "What? What's happening now? Live is performing in front of an audience? I love that band..."

Willow cuts the eyes off of a potato and tacks them onto Locus' cabbage head. :9

Daja jumps up, and shoot another sitcky mess at Tirade. Having been playing injured, even though her legs ache a little, she still comes on as hard as ever, taking aim carefully and shooting accuratly all in a single second.

Locus blinks his new potato eyes. "Ooh... much better..."

Tirade leaps forward, not seeing or hearing anything, and swings his tail wildly, hoping to hear the solid *THUMP* of it connecting with spidery flesh.

Basil adsds a carrot below the eyes for a nose.

Locus thankies.

Basil says, "No problem. ;)"

Daja shoots the goo Tirade and moves out of the way in a single moment, moving a cardboard box in the way to sounds -JUST- like that *THUMP* of 'spidery flesh'

Daja ers...single movement.

Tirade hears a noise, but feels nothing, and scuttles backwards, clawing at the goo on his eyes, ripping bits and pieces off... trying to look through it and find his nemesis... "RRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!!!!", he screams as he gets the gummy spider-goo in his claws and off his face. "Coward! Depending on your tricks. Face me in an open fight!"

Daja hisses and slides across the floor on her eight legs, "You dare call me a coward?!" she hisses louder shooting several balls of goo in close succession at the Scorpion's eye's and runs at him completely silent while he is blinded.

Tirade covers his eyes as best he can with tail and claws, and leaps straight up in the air as he hears the *tick tick* of approaching legs on hard ground. He falls on top of the spider, getting more spins into his legs, but avoiding her mad charge. With incredible speed and strength, he pulls his claws and tail out of the gooey mess they are in, and snaps and flails at the spider below him. Laughing maniacally, he wraps his walking legs around her abdomen and tries to peer through the webbing to find her weak spots...

Daja grabs his (um) neck with her fangs and squeezes hard trying to kill the mad scorpion with all her mgiht, before he crushes her.

Tirade feels her fangs on his neck, and simply laughs louder through the pain. Now knowing where her throat is, he wraps his claws around her throat and raises his tail above her head. "You can either yeild, and admit that I am *cough* your superior... *cough cough*... or... well... I'm sure you can guess the alternative."

Daja shows no fear of the winning spider, she will die or kill him. She will NOT let anyone intimidate her. She squeezes harder, trying to make his strangth fail with her failing strength. She hear his cough, giving a little more of a squeeze.

Daja acks...winning SCORPION.

Tirade returns with his claws, cutting into her neck as much as she is cutting into his. "Yeild, you stubborn furry monstrosity!", he screams, then whacks her in the face with his goo-covered tail. "YIELD!!!"

Daja shows no fear as her mother taught her, as a tear runs down her features. She squeezes harder, wanting to win more than life. ""

Basil waves.. "Hello. Don't mind me. I'm wondering the city OOC'ly. ;)

Basil says, "Sorry, wrong character. n.n;;"

Locus refuses to forgive Basil for his wrongful pose.

Basil says, "Figures. e.e"

Locus brandishes the almighty rubber chicken and whacks Basil across the head with it! *SQUEAK!*

Basil ;P

Tirade laughs through the pain, and rearranges his walking legs on her torso. Suddenly, he springs upwards, tearing himself away from her crushing grip, and drawing lines on her exoskeleton with his claws. He lands behind her, breathing heavily for a moment. "I'm impressed, spider. I can't remember the last time I met someone who was almost my equal in a fair fight." he coughs once more, then catches his breath. "What's your name?"

Daja falls on her stomache and grimaces as his claws rake her sides. she Falls almost breathless to the floor, near death, but she nearly won.

Daja coughs loudly and her eyes flicker in the light. " Daja....." she says almost unconcious.

Locus stamps his foot on the ground. "Dang... I was hoping they'd kill each other..."

Willow says, "You would."

Basil patpats Locus. e.e

Daja thwaps Locus! *raspberry*

Locus was thwapped on his new cabbage head, and didn't feel it.

Daja craps!!! She didn't log this!!!

Locus is logging it.

Locus says, "I can email it to ya."

Tirade breathes raggedly for a moment, and sits back, picking goo from his eyes with his claws. "Well... Daja. I'm impressed. I can't remember the last time I had a fight like that... I don't know if I've... *cough*... ever had a fight like that." As soon as he can see, he sits up "You can call me Tirade."

Tirade brings his tail down in front of his face and starts picking the goo off of it as well. "You don't have my strength... but you ALMOST make up for it in your little tricks... too bad you don't have a big tail like I do...."

Daja hasen't quite got over the fact that she won (in her mind cuz he gave in) a fight iwth a scorpion...or the fact he tried to kill her. She stands up a bit shaky, "Um, I gues...*cough* nice to meet me *cough* help you with that." she walks to him, and starts to pick it off him, "Close your eyes." she says and expertly picks it off his face, still a bit watchful of the dealy stinger.

Tirade is surprised by her sudden kindness... but finds it almost amusing. "I'm alright... it will come off." he looks down at the other smaller bugs in the room and smiles at them, showing his teeth, hoping to see their reaction to the sudden halt in the fighting...

Willow puts her popcorn away. o.o

Locus eats another leaf from his head.

Daja thwaps him, "I believe it would be best for me to get it off, you stubborn thing." she says with contempt "After all, I -AM- a spider, who else pick it off better?"

Willow puts some tomatoes and salad dressing on Locus' head.

Locus grabs a fork and digs in.

Basil adds Ranch dressing.

Daja adds Thousand Island

Locus says, "Ooh... Ranch, my favorate..."

Tirade grins at Daja. "Very well... do your thing...", and allows her to keep at her ministrations.

Daja hasta go in (um) five minutes....hurry Tirade dude!

Tirade looks down at the smaller bugs and their salad-headed antics. He leers at them, and steps closer... closer... "Boo."

Daja picks it off his face and stinger expertly and wraps it around one of her legs, once it is all gone she sighs "How about my spines?" she sees him 'boo' "Quit that!"

Daja hasta go bye!!

Opal says, "Is that the best he can come up with? e.e"

Willow drops some croutons on the Salad Head, as well as a few olives, and blinks at Tirade. "If you want some salad, you can just ask nice." ;P

Daja will continue tomorrow

Willow waves!

Basil waves!

Tirade waves and picks out a few spines!

Locus munches on his head.

Daja has disconnected.

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