This log was the day after the previous Daja and Tirade log, this one focuses on the two of them instead. And, in this log, we find that every creature on this muck seems to have telepathic abilities... any line preceded by is something that is said or thought over the entire muck, and every bug seems to be able to hear and see these... odd...

You see an aboveground warehouse, in what appears to be a small shoe-box. There are piles of junk everywhere. In order to get from one side to the other, one must traverse a labyrinth of boxes and cans.

Other places: [O]ut, ...

Daja goes [IOC] Semi-In-Character.

Tirade goes [IOC] Semi-In-Character.

Tirade stretches his limbs to test their mobility after his big fight last night.

Locus waves!

Willow waves!

Daja is eating a small fly she caught last nigth after her fight with Tirade. She does not notice him awakening and continues munching her fly hungrily, she was drained of strength form her near death, last night.

Daja waifs!

Daja thinks Willow should come join us in RP...even though an Ant may not live long in the presence of two Eracnids.

Locus is almost afraid to be in the room... :P

Willow o.o

Locus says, "Mind if I join you and let these two be alone for now? :P"

Willow says, "No, I don't mind."

Daja ask!

Daja acks!

Locus says, "Cool. Thanks. :P"

Locus has left.

Bill hides behind a crate.

Bill presses a hidden button, and disapears from sight. A trapdoor closes where Bill was with a snap.

Bill has left.

Tirade twitches his tail, looking himself over and making sure that he has no perminant injuries. He rubs his throat with his left claws, finding that there are no perminant injuries there. "Well, hello again."

Daja almost chokes on her fly, seeing the Scorpion again, she gets into a fighting stance. She then realizes it's him and not a different one and relaxes, "Oh, Hello Tirade." she says still very much sore form last night, "How *cough* are you?" she says and the sides of her abdonmen start to bleed again. She pulls out some sticky goo and sticks it on the wounds, sealing the cuts.

Tirade shrugs, a motion that goes from his shoulders to the tip of his tail, then grins at her. "A bit sore.", he replies, still rubbing his throat with his left claw. "You?"

Daja sighs, "Un-believeably sore, *cough cough* you have quite the strength." a tear runs down her cheek but she wipes it away quickly, not wanting to show her weakened spirit.

Tirade gives a smaller shrug, a little embarrassed actually. "We scorpions are built like that. You put up quite the fight, though... I haven't fought someone who lasted that long against me since I was a child."

Daja sniffs a bit, un just about enough pain where she wants to kill herself, "Thank you *cough*" she says with a faded voice, "I do....enjoy a *cough* fight a while" she eases herself o the ground obviously in alot of pain and folds her legs unders her body coushining (?) her brused stomache against the floor.

Tirade gives a big grin and starts to walk over to Daja, then stumbles and grimaces. "Ow." He recovers as fast as he can and hobbles over to her. "Yeah... good fight... good times..." he grimaces again in pain.

Daja sighs and lays her head upon the ground, she feel sick and dizzy as well as in very very much pain. At this point in time she wishes she could die...

Tirade totters over to Daja and settles down on the ground next to her. "Well... if I thought I was up for it, I think I might ask for a rematch... but I think it'll be a while."

Daja nods slowly as she leans against the huge scorpion, she is almost grateful to fall deeply unconcious, knowing she is in a well protected place.

Tirade offers his least injured shoulder to the collapsing arachnid and idly scratches at one of his own wounds. "Gotta be careful... too much fun and you end up regretting it in the morning... ooh... yeah... that hurt...."

Daja sighs...and flicks between conciousness and unconciousness, she sighs again and speaks "I wish I was...dead ....right" she says softly "I you more than....I"

Tirade smiles, then grimaces. "I'm not sure about that... I'm just trying not to show it right now." pats her back, making sure to aim for a spot with not visible bruising, and says, "Besides... you don't wanna be dead right now. Then you'd never get a chance for a rematch."

Daja wake up slightly and pulls a few legs out from under her, "Yes...I do, and.....I don't think.....a rematch.....will come....for a very....long time." she say with anxiety, and pain.

Tirade tries to think of some way to cheer up the depressed spider... then whatever he was thinking very funny and laughs... then yelps. "Ow... reminder to self... no laughing for the next few days... weeks... millenia... however long." He shakes his head idly. "Yeah... that rematch will take a while... ow..."

Daja grimaces as she laughs slighty. "Thank you...*cough* for trying to.....make me happier......Tirade.

Tirade thinks about shrugging... but remember the pain any sudden movement might cause, and decides not to. "Well... it's the least I could do... 'sides... ow... you DID put up one heck of a fight..."

Daja smiles, "Thank mother alway taught me to never give matter how hard it is to get it." she smiles wider forgetting the pain momentarily, "I wanted to win, so I didn't let myself give up."

Tirade grins back, forgetting his own ragged throat. "Yeah... never give up... never surrender... never get squished."

Daja smiles, "Very true Tirade, very true." she leans against the powerfu l Eracnid beside her and falls into a deep unconcious sleep. A pool of red blood forms beneathe her, the goo has dried, and is leaking again.

Tirade looks down to see the blood dripping slowly, and he pulls away from her for a moment, hoping to wake her without moving her. "Hey... are you okay? You're bleeding again...."

Daja come slightly awae and notices the blood and spits out somemore goo and plasters it on...without even thinking about it and settles back into unconciousness. Tirade shoudln't even be sure if she even ca,e out of it to do that.

Tirade idly runs his claw through a small puddle of blood, then holds his claw up to his face, looking at it. "Tough little spider..." he mumbles under his breath. He sits back down next to her and puts his claw on her back. Suddenly, he feels a bit dizzy. "Wow... that fight really took it out of both of us, huh..."

Daja breathes deeply and continues sleeping, but is slighty aware that she is protected by the scorpion. She mumbles in her sleep, but then is silent, and all that can be heard is the rythmic breating.

Tirade watches her breathing... suddenly his eyes cross for a moment. "Well... I just feel like going to sleep... ooh..."

Tirade leans against her and closes his eyes.

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