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Three Planets: CyberTech

On Earth, a few thousand years after the galactic war, humankind has spread out across Earth, filling it with layer after layer of concrete and steel. I have one full length novel in this world, but it is only halfway done at the moment.

Now, on Earth, it is rare to see bare ground anywhere except underwater, and even then only in the deepest of oceans. The Atlantic coast of Africa and America is covered with underground bases and settlements, as is the entire Indian ocean and most of the Arctic and Antarctic. The Pacific is the only ocean where anything could be hidden safely. As for the land, well, there is no radioactive wastes anywhere. But other than that, it is not a pretty place. Metal and concrete are the only things seen. Streets have layers and layers under them. Ancient alleys and subways fill the underground, even miles away from cities. It is almost possible to walk from one end of America to the other without seeing the sun once.

Cyborgs are not as popular as one might think. Now science has made it possible to bring someone back to life even with severe brain damage(Some memory loss, perhaps). It is also possible to enhance a human body beyond any ordinary genetics would ever predetermine. Some choose incredible speed and reflexes, other choose strength. Then some choose something inbetween the two. Then some choose enhanced senses. They can hear, feel, and see better and clearer than anyone else. Often they will hear the click of a finger touching a trigger from fifty yards away, and the breathing of the gun holder at a hundred.

Then there are some who choose to have their children tampered with before birth. These children become superstrong and agile dwarves, or huge giants. Some are given superhuman intelligence, or just very good overall skill with science and machines, allowing them to become some of the best scientists and technology makers in the world. However, these are fairly rare.

Then there are some odd ones who happen to be a strange combination of genes, and these happen to have superhuman powers, like the ability to fly, or perhaps to shoot energy from their hands, or to be strongly telepathic. With all this gene splicing, they are bound to find something odd.

The world is in organized chaos. There are seperate city/states, each with their own huge army. There is no one who goes hungry, but many people fight anyway. Half of the world's population are either mercenaries or professional soldiers. The other half are scientists, or technology makers of some sort. Very few people are needed to actually rule. There are just enough to make the rules that the soldiers enforce. There is no seperate police and army. They are all one in each city/state. It is almost a feudal society, with nothing to feud about except their own imaginations. And their super high tech weapons.

Everyone wants to rule the world. And there are some with enough ambition and power to make a try for it.

Talon's Tale: CyberWarrior