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Three Planets: DarkLore

On the Planet of the Garoyles, thousands of years after the war, the humans take up most of the land now. In the past, humans have slowly changed to fit their environment. Some have learned magic. There are different species within the humans now. Elves are the more scholarly, but less athletic of the humans. Wood Elves look much like their cousins, tall and thin. But they are far more athletic, and much more wily. They live in the trees, and have whole villages that don't touch the ground. The Dwarves are short, the tallest is usually five feet tall. Yet they are strong and agile, and make the best warriors and miners. Kinders are even shorter, but they are supple and can pick any lock, and steal anything they put their minds to, and whenever their minds wander they find themselves stealing small things within reach. Ordinary humans are still fairly common, as well. Also, another breed has come about. Some think they are part gargoyle, part human. They are known only as the Dark Elves. They are short, the average is about five feet tall. Yet they are strong, fast, and dangerous. Luckily, they are very rare.

Black is the dominant gene in the Khomre, so over the thousands of years the only lizards left are the black ones. By now their native tounge has been forgotten, and the humans simply refer to them as the Black Lizards. Once in a while you will find green lizards living in the forests in small clans, or grey ones in the mountains. They live, for the most part, independantly of the humans, but in good relations. They have no walls on their cities, and no castles. Yet their warriors are the fiercest known on the planet, even though they cannot use the magic that the humans and Dark Gargoyles can. They have strange weapons, and each warrior can use each of them better than most humans can use the ones they have had for centuries.

Gargoyles, sadly enough, have been driven from their homes by human conquests. Most live in the forest, in wandering tribes. They communicate with the Wood Elves often, but other humans are usually lucky if they see a single one in their lifetimes. There is always the occasional gargoyle who decides to take up a city life, or some go traveling with humans, on horseback. One of my main characters, Dracmus Thr'avin is a gargoyle who rides alongside his best friends, a human knight named Sean Blackshield, and a Kinder named Foli.

Thousands of years ago there was a huge battle that raged for several decades. It was known as the War of the Magi. It was fought, for the most part, by Dark Gargoyles and evil sorcerers against the good sorcerers and Elves. Many magical objects were lost or purposely hidden during that time. Luckily for the good side, an elvan sorcerer, Perrin the Blue, had an affair with a human woman in the middle of the war. When he was killed, his son was raised in a human village with no knowledge of his father. Luckily, he was found by a traveling gold sorcerer, Burakness the Gold, and taught magic. Within months he became more powerful than any other sorcerer in the land, even more so than the Dark Gargoyles. He drove them all out into the land over the mountains, and banished them and the Trolls there. Then he sent all the remaining magi to teach their art to any young people who had the ability. Unfortunately, most of those who had the ability were killed in the war. Only about one fiftieth of the people had the ability. And only half of those were reached by the traveling magi. Not all of those accepted their abilities. Less than one percent of the population knew magic. If the Dark Gargoyles could find a way back into the land, then they would find it ripe for the picking. There is no one to protect the land from any invaders, or any humans that might decide to terrorize the innocent.

Fortunately, most of the magical objects left are in good hands. Unfortunately, most of the ones hidden are being sought after by men with very, very bad intentions.