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Three Planets
History relevant to Earth
up until the year 2050

approximate dates
7000 B.C.       The immense entity known as Mothere gave birth to her final children, the twins Ra and Ram.

5000 B.C.       Ra finds Earth, and sends his 'head', a pyramid shaped spacecraft six times the size of the great pyramid at Giza. His body remains deep inside Jupiter, to avoid observation. He first meets the superhumans who called themselves gods, and tried to help them, starting with the middle americans and the egyptians.

4000 B.C.       Ra finishes his work on Earth, but is forced to hide his head deep in the oceans, to avoid being found by the insane gods.

2000 B.C.       The last of the gods disapear, all of them have either left Earth, stayed in the form of a common man, been put into stasis, or died. All four of the major groups of gods are now truly nothing but legends.

set dates
1121 A.D.       An alien scout makes the first recorded flyby of Earth by the alien fleet.

1482 A.D.       Earth first put under surveillance. It is constantly monitored for activity of advanced technology, ranging from biotechnology to radio waves.

1844 A.D.       The main body of the alien fleet reaches this arm of the galaxy. No true contact is made between Earth and the aliens yet.

1943 A.D.       Aliens first approach the United States, seeing that the govenrment would best facilitate secret and decent relations.

1965 A.D.       Agent Ralph Knox first joins the group leading the alien technology study. Occasionally he would send something in the direction of Area 51 to distract the general public, but as long as people were looking at area 51, his operation was still secret.

1981 A.D.       Jason Stuart, later known as Tiger is born. Agent Knox's 'accident' occurs, causing him to lose faith, quit his job and go on a drinking binge. The binge part doesn't last for too long, though.

1983 A.D.       All of the Five superhero teens, as well as the Flame have all been born. Also, the clone of Axle is first grown.

1991 A.D.       All of the Five and Flame have discovered their abilities. Only the Flame intends to use them to become a superhero.

1997 A.D.       Ralph Knox first finds the Five and offers to help them become superheroes.

1999 A.D.       Agent Knox rejoins the alien technology unit to help the Five and Flame, as well as any other wannabe superheroes that might need his help. Just in time to save the world from Y2K.

2000 A.D.       All of the Five, now Six, are legally married. The Flame and the ex-mercinary known as Kat soon follow. The alien known as Maurus first starts his invasion, beginning with the four mutates, Bastet, Sobek, Werewolf and Firebird.

2001 A.D.       Maurus' conquest is thwarted when Knox turns the four mutates back into humans, and turns them against him.

2003 A.D.       The first of the second generation are born, Tiger and Snow Leapard's twins, and Night Wind and Valhalla's son.

2007 A.D.       Agent Knox is first marked by benevolent aliens. Although he doesn't know it, he is destined to live another life, one that is fit for him.

2012 A.D.       Agent Knox and Cobra are both killed in a heated battle. Agent Knox's body is secretly teleported away from the wreckage by the benevolent aliens. When the Six and Flame arrive, they find nothing but a metal gauntlet with Knox's power sword, still clutched tightly in its robotic fingers. Of Cobra and Knox there are no remains.

2014 A.D.       All of the Netchar, the egyptian gods, that were in stasis are let out.

2017 A.D.       The Netchar make their first appearances, starting with Horus, Isis, Meretseger and Apophis.

2020 A.D.       The Netchar become some of the most well-known of the superhumans. The good gods often work with the Six, Flame, and their children.

2021 A.D.       Aton first tries to kill Bastet and Anubis' son, Amun. Soon afterwards, Bastet, Anubis, Amun and Bastet's brother, Sobek, join with the good Netchar.

2024 A.D.       The telepath known as Tirade first comes into existance.

2025 A.D.       Tirade first shows his ability when he defeats a number of brainwashed superheroes and manages to drive the telepath Potter insane. Potter, although more powerful than Tirade, could not penetrate Tirade's mental shield, and therefore was open to any attack Tirade could make. The Dark Tirade was also made.

2026 A.D.       Dark Tirade defeats the reborn Cobra, and incenerates his body to prevent him from ever coming back.

2027 A.D.       Dark Tirade goes into hiding. Tirade fights side by side with the Six, and they recognize him for who he truly is.

2028 A.D.       Tirade joins forces with the newest Netchar to join the fight, the powerful warrior Knem.

2029 A.D.       Tirade and Dark Tirade finally meet face to face, after Dark Tirade comes out of hiding. Dark Tirade knows more of their mutual past, and Tirade finds that he needs time to find himself. He disappears, and Dark Tirade takes his place with Knem.

2032 A.D.       Tirade and Dark Tirade both officially join the Netchar, becomeing Tirade-Miu and Tirade-Lupe, the cat and the wolf respectively.

2038 A.D.       The entire global economy starts to collapse.

2042 A.D.       The economy recovers, but the world is still staggering about. The superhumans finally decide to take up the alien fleet on their offer to relocate, and all the superhumans are taken to the planet later to be called the Planet of the Gargoyles.

2046 A.D.       The first of the new wars breaks out.

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