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Three Planets: Hellfire

Earth: 2050

The world is locked in a constant struggle for peace. Humankind has expanded too much. Once there were superhumans, superheroes doing their best to hold Earth together. Now they are gone, and no one knows where.

The place once known as the United States of America is now just a crowded mass of humanity, divided into six parts. Mexico and Canada are each divided into four. What were once large countries are now several smaller ones.

Outright nuclear war is always a threat. Biological warfare is rare, but dangerous enough to frighten the public of any country, even one that is enjoying a lull in the fighting. The weapons of choice are projectiles, much like the ones we have today, and lasers. Electric tanks are starting to outnumber gasoline ones. Even electric jets, seperating water into hydrogen and oxygen to burn are starting to become commonplace.

Assault technology has never been so good. Wrist grappling hooks, grenades of many types, from immobilizing to destroying, and even spiderman-like webshooters are accessible to the common man. Thieves and criminals of any sort enjoy life in this era.

Money is starting to lose it's value. The one thing that has not been hurt too badly by the fighting is the electronic money system. Only the dollar is used worldwide. And for once, Canadian money is just as good as American. Electronic security is high, and no hackers have ever been able to break into a bank since 2014. Mercinaries can now do their work and get their pay without any dangerous dropoffs or possible double-crosses.

Gold is still used as mass currency exchange. That much has not changed. With new alloys and technology, gold is no longer required for computer systems, allowing more and more rich people to stockpile it, actually raising it's value somewhat. And since it's not safe to mine for more, very little is being added to the world's supply.

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