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Three Planets: Superhero index

Superheroes: First generation

The Five-A group of Five superheroes. Tiger, Virus, Whip Scorpion, Falcon and Peregrine are the original members of the group. Later their number is increased to six by the addition of Tiger's wife, Snow Leapard.
    Tiger-Oldest member of the Five until Snow Leapard joins. His powers are purely physical, and he wields an impressive broadsword.
    Virus-His powers are limited to controlling and creating electricity, which allows him to be an incredible hacker.
    Whip Scorpion-Wearing skintight black and wielding a whip, this just might be Catwoman's worst nightmare.
    Falcon-The youngest of the Five. She has powers of telekinesis. She's also the cute one of the group.
    Peregrine-At first his only power is flight, but after some help from Knox, he is very well armed.
    Snow Leapard-Joins the group much later. Her powers are similar to Tigers, and the two work well together.

Ralph Knox-The FBI agent who first found the Five as teens, and helped them become superheroes.

The Flame-A young boy with little power, only slight levitation, not enough to truly fly. However, he is well armed with chemical weapons of many sorts, including flamethrowers and spiderman type webshooters. He lives in New York.

Axle-A superhero that also lives in New York and helps Flame a lot. He is black, can fly, and has super strength. However, he is not invincible like Superman, which makes him cooler in my opinion.

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