Name: Kevin Heron
Alias: Peregrine
Occupation: Superhero

His power is levitation. He can fly, but cannot carry the weight of another person. He is, however, fast enough to dodge most anything that is pointed in his direction.

He was the only one of the Five that wanted to trust Knox at first. After joining with Knox, he got a black and blue costume, with a black bird shape over his eyes. His brown hair was loose on his costume, much like Falcon's(only shorter.)

After recieving the new technology, he wore a belt that had a force field, enough to hold off a dozen bullets or a grenade or two. On his arms he wore arm plates. When his hands were in fists, they could shoot electricity. One bolt would knock a man out. Two could create an explosion, since one was positively charged and the other negative. When he put his palms out, they would create a strong force field in front of him, capable of absorbing anything short of a nuclear blast.

His crush on Karen(Falcon) has been obvious since the third grade. His attraction was compounded when he and Karen were given similar names and costumes. The setup was logical, since the two worked best together. With her telekinesis, she could hold herself up while he flew with her in his arms. She is the only full grown person that he can carry.

As soon as they are both old enough the two got married, and in the second generation have two children.

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