Name: Unkown
Alias: Snow Leapard
Occupation: Superhero

Snow Leapard is a beautiful woman with long white hair. She also has white skin. She is an albino, but that doesn't bother her. She is one of the more powerful superhumans.

She has similar powers to her husband, Tiger. However, unlike Tiger, hers depend on one thing.

While Tiger can do anything humanly possible, so can Snow Leapard. Tiger can fight just as well with his eyes open as he can with them closed. She can't. Her perfection will not work unless her eyes are closed.

So her costume has a blindfold. At first she had no weapons, only herself. Against humans that was fine. But against other superhumans, it just wasn't enough. So when she made the Five into Six, Knox gave her webshooters and an electric longsword. Sharper, faster and lighter than Tiger's broadsword, she wields it with deadly accuracy.

Pity the criminal that faces her. Like her husband she can be ruthlessly efficiant at disposing of enemies. While she is usually merciful, a criminal can expect, at the very least, a concussion.

Soon after joining with the Five, she fell in love with Tiger, and the two married. In the second generation, they have twin daughters, Black and White Leapard.

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