Name: Jason Stewart
Alias: Tiger
Occupation: Superhero

Jason Stewart - aka Tiger, is almost perfect. His subconcious mind can take control of everything he would ever need. He can block bullets with a sword, and has incredible control of his body. His strength has been enhanced almost tenfold, and his agility is incomparable. He can fight just as well with a blindfold on as he can without. The way his mind puts together every tiny detail it hears, sees and feels almost gives him ESP.

Out of the Five, he is the one that needs the extra technology the least. He is, without a doubt, one of the most formidable warriors on the planet.

He is the oldest of the five, by seven months. After joining with Knox he went by the name Tiger. Wearing a yellow costume, and a double black stripe across his face mask, he helped defeat such enemies as Crusher, Gustav Uberman, Cobra, and many others. Weilding only his clawed gauntlets and a sword, he was the bane of the common street criminal. No weapon could touch him, no fist ever hit it's mark. Except his.

When the Five were given new technology by Agent Knox he was given a blue costume, exactly like his yellow in looks, except blue with the black stripe across his face. The sword he had now was completely indestructible, and had taser capabilities. He no longer had gauntlets, but claws could spring from his wrists. The only new toy he was given was a belt that could negate gravity, which he could use with incredible skill. Turning it on and off at just the right moments to travel through the cityscape at almost the same speed as his flying friend Peregrine.

When the woman known as Snow Leapard appeared in his life, the two fell in love almost immediately. With almost identical powers, and abilities that compounded each others and covered each other's weaknesses, they were a nearly perfect couple in infinately many ways. The two married and had a pair of twin daughters.

Eventually he took back his yellow costume, but kept his new technology. He is still working with the Five to this day, with his wife, Snow Leapard.

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