Name: Thomas Brenton
Alias: Virus
Occupation: superhero

Thomas is the weakest, physically, out of the Five. He has no physical power. His only power is the control and the ability to sense electricity. He became a perfect hacker, able to communicate directly with machines. Eventually he learned that he could control electricity on a large scale. Taser beams could be stretched and turned to hit any target he could see. Even nearby clouds could have lighting coaxed from them.

One of the most reluctant to join Agent Knox, he became instrumental in defeating Cobra and Praetor. Very few technologies used no elecricity, so the high tech villains fell at his feet.

At first he had a black costume and various stun and incapacitating weapons, like dart guns, tasers and net guns. After he started showing his talent for high energy manipulation, Agent Knox managed to get him a taser staff, a metal staff with an electric charge that Thomas himself could control.

After the Five get their new technology, he was given the most powerful new costume of all. A ten foot tall powersuit was to be his main outfit of choice. Underneath he was given light, bulletproof armor with foot jets and electricity flowing through every metal part. His powersuit also had foot jets, and disruptors in the jaw. The hands could spray lightning, and of course, Virus could control the flow and direction of it.

He ended up marrying Whip Scorpion, and is still with the Five.

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