Name: Jennifer Winn
Alias: Whip Scorpion
Occupation: superhero

The second strongest of the Five, her powers included a slight levitation and strength enhancement. With her levitation and strength she could jump incredible distances and perform acrobatics unknown to any professional gymnast. She could cling to walls by using her levitation to press against them. She could not quite fly, like Peregrine, but she could come close.

Being one of the Five with the most physical powers, and being one that wanted to join Knox from the start, it is rather ironic that she married her opposite in all of the above, Virus.

Before the Five were given their high technology, Whip Scorpion had a black costume with red eyes. Her long black hair was loose, but other than that her costume covered everywhere. like Virus' and Tiger's. She always carried a twelve foot bullwhip, hence the name. On her arms were a pair of cable shooters, similar to something Batman himself might use. Later on, Knox gave her net shooters on her arms, that shot a metallic net over an enemy, or group of them, then sent a powerful electric shock through it.

After they were given their high technology, Scorpion was given a symbiotic organism instead of a costume. It was mostly muscle tissue, and it could change form around her. It was mostly black, like her original costume. It could form other pigments, though, like the red for her eyes, or even turn to street clothes. It enhanced her strength and also her ability to stick to walls, as it could spread out and attach to surfaces in a way no human skin could. Her bullwhip was replaced with a metal whip capable of sending powerful electric shocks down it's length. At first she was given an antigravity belt, like Tiger's, but she opted for a pair of webshooters, given to Knox by the New York superhero known as the Flame. Occasionally Knox armed her with an energy gun of some sort, usually a disruptor. Disruptors shoot a concentrated bolt of kinetic energy, which can strike like a bullet when shot in a small bolt, or if shot in a wide bolt, like a strong punch.

She is also one of the Five to this day.

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